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Three scents available: Lavender w/wildflowers, Gentle Citrrus w/ Calendula Flowers, and Frosted Peppermint w/Dried Orange.

Soften and smooth your skin with instant long-lasting hydration. This artisan body butter is whipped with naturally nourishing ingredients, including calendula extract, olive oil, vitamin e, and locally sourced tallow. Lock in moisture with a gentle massage as the body butter soaks in deeply to deliver soothing benefits you can see and feel.

How to use: Apply a small amount to skin and massage in well. A little goes a long way! Apply before bed or after a shower or bath for an especially moisturizing effect. Store away from excessive heat, as product may melt at high temperatures.

Ingredients: Tallow,  olive oil,  tamanu seed oil, avocado oil,  shea butter,  vitamin E, essential oils and natural plant-based fragrance oils.

Size: 2.8oz/80g