Our Mission

Our mission is to bring together in one marketplace all the wonderful products manufactured in the beautiful Green Mountain State!

Vermont business owners are passionate about quality and sustainability.

My goal is track down as many businesses, crafters, artisans, and  manufacturers as I can and pull them all together in one place.

Whether you are a resident at one end of the state or visiting from another, it is very likely you have not seen all we have to offer, or you have found products you love, you wish you had easier access to.

Vermonters take much pride in community, their workmanship, and this beautiful place we call home.

I invite all businesses, crafters, artist, farmers, and manufacturers to join this community.

I invite the lovers of all things Vermont to check back frequently to see what is new.

If you have a product you love please feel free  to pass it on to me . If you want to join this community reach out, I would love to hear from you.


Kara Appleton

Taste of Vermont LLC